Common Light Sources Available in the Market

Current traditional lighting have a lot of disadvantages like high power consumption, short life cycle and low efficiency. Although LED resolve some of the problems of traditional lighting products, its performance and quality variation in the market are still questioned by a lot of users. Moreover, LED only works best in low to mid illumination application. ( < 250W HID replacement )

HIDs (High-intensity discharge) including : Mercury-vapor lamps; Metal halide lamps(HQI); High pressure sodium lamps(HPS), Low Pressure sodium lamps(LPS); Xenon arc lamps.

Advanced Plasma Lighting wins versus common light source

In view of these inadequacies, Alphalite have another great idea by introducing Advanced Plasma Lighting (APL), a brilliant plasma lighting innovation delivering exceptional quality, reliability and field lifetime. This technology is a new solid-state-driven high-intensity source which exceeds the brightness levels and energy efficiency of Induction, Fluorescent, HID and LED. APL is suitable to be used in high brightness applications in no matter indoor ,outdoor or commercial environments.

APL Key Features & Benefits:

  • Exceeds the brightness levels of HID, Florescent and LED technology
  • 50% more energy savings than HID
  • Point-source lamp supports compact, glare-free fixtures
  • CRIs of 70-95 and CCTs of 3,000-6,000 (K)
  • Long life solid-state components : 50,000 hours for lamp and 100,000 hours for RF driver
  • Continuous dimming: 100%~20%
  • Light bulb replaceable

How Advanced Plasma Lighting Works

System Block Diagram

Spectrum Comparison