The TRM Series LED Linear Retrofit Kit is easy to install into most of linear and troffer fluorescent fixture via magnets. It is a perfect upgrade option for energy savings and long life with low maintenance. It is a high-performance luminaire that produces a minimum of 125 lumen per watts, providing significant energy savings while remaining durable in the field. 


• Utilizes existing luminaire body
• High efficacy LED
• Long life and durable
• Smooth and comfortable light without glare

• Quick and easy to install
• Lowers installation cost
• Lowers energy cost
• Reduces maintenance cost
• No disposal costs of the previous luminaire
• Ideal for use with sensors and advanced controls
• Volumetric lighting ensures occupant comfort
• Provides a more productive space
• Easy access to standard components


Indoor general/ambient illumination. Ideal for offices, retail, and other architectural spaces that demand energy demand reduction and high-quality light. 


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